Meet the team

Meet the team

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Name: Denis McDonagh

Age: 38

Favourite sport: basketball 

About me:  First, foremost and most importantly, Dad to my beautiful girl Maisie. She’s 2 and my proudest achievement in life. Partner to her amazing Mum Clodagh. I view myself as a coach, and the simplest explanation of a coach is somebody who helps people improve. At times that can be sports and performance related other times in the health and fitness of everyday people.

I’m a positive, happy and energetic person with a drive to change peoples lives through exercise.

Favourite class to teach at The Summit: Spinning. I just love what music can do for the soul. It takes people back In time, inspires, motivates and creates the most fun and amazing energy. It’s therapy for the soul.

Random fact: I love Reece’s peanut butter cups

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Name: Micheál Penston

Age: 36

Fave sport: Football/Boxing

About me: A Wicklow man lured to the beautiful West by my amazing wife Fiona. Before I got into the fitness industry, I always loved the coaching element of every role. I’m 100% dedicated to help you make your goals a reality by motivating and educating you in sustainable ways that you can apply to your day and stepping away from all the misinformation on social media promising you the magic pill.

Fave class to teach at the Summit: BeStrong. I love this class because a lot of beginners have concerns around lifting weights for the first time. It can be scary. But it doesn’t need to be and this is a fantastic class to start with as it caters for all abilities. I love helping someone new to training, develop correct technique and have confidence in movements over our time together. Similarly, I love to help people who want to kick on to the next level and challenge them and help them fine tune the small margins.

Random fact: I love travel and spent over 2 years backpacking around the world in my 20s