The perfect full body workout for you to become stronger and improve muscle tone. A slow controlled workout in which you are individually coached on a 1-1 basis within a group.


You’ll be safely coached with progression in mind so you will be continually challenged.


This session is completely adaptable and scalable therefor suitable for both the beginner and the advanced.


This session is our very own take on CrossFit. 

It blends strength training together with cardio intervals of both high and low intensity.

If you love a challenge and to be pushed to be at your best this is the session for you.

You’ll never know what to expect until you turn up.

High tempo, fast paced and exciting.

A huge calorie burner.

Spinning Bikes


One of our favourite and most popular sessions. 

Spinning clases at the summit are the most fun you will ever have on an exercise bike.

Picture a candle lit room, infused with the scent of pomegranate noir, no mirrors, just enough light for you to safely spin while letting your mind drift away.

You’ll be working up a sweat to some of your favourite 80s & 90s classics as you move through sprints both seated and standing, slow & strong hill climbs, fast paced flat roads with running and jumping intervals. 

You’ll be energised to the max after this class and will feel amazing.



This is our 50/50 workout that lasts at least 60 minutes but flys by.


The first 30 minutes is spent doing a mixture of strength and tone exercises. Then when we have you sweating we go Spinning for the second half of the class.


This is the ultimate all in one session for maximum results in both fitness and strength.