The Summit was founded in Westport, Co. Mayo in 2013 under the name RLS fitness. RLS re-branded at the start of 2019. Before I opened RLS (now The Summit) I worked more specifically as a personal trainer and a performance coach with many sports teams. My role would be to increase individual and team sports performance through tailored strength and conditioning programs based upon the needs of the athlete in relation to their sport.

As much as I loved the difference I could make in these areas I was always drawn to helping the average person. The ‘me and you’s’ of society that worked out for different and more important reasons. The ones that needed a boost in confidence, stress relief, a social outlet and just to feel like they belonged to something. My passion for this led me to taking the decision to open up a fitness studio to cater for the general population and give them an experience like they never had at a typical gym.

Our strong reputation within the industry has been gained by our number one priority in business; To create a safe space for people to be coached in a manner that is suitable to them individually, and to have them feel comfortable while being encouraged to become stronger and fitter in both mind and body.

At the Summit we believe that health and fitness are the most important building blocks in creating happiness and confidence. When you walk in our door for the first time you will be greeted with a smile and made feel at ease right away. We understand that first step can be the most difficult. Our workouts are designed in a non competitive format, which allows members to work side by side at their own pace without feeling judged and out of place. We have many long term members who have achieved amazing transformations, many of whom are with us from day one. We are always excited to innovate and improve our service and we look forward to helping many more of your achieve your very own transformations.


In good health,



Our mission at The Summit Gym is to help as many people as possible live healthier and happier lives.


We want to be a place where people feel they can truly become stronger in both mind and body, while also being part of a community.


  • A friendly environment.
  • All ages, abilities and backgrounds welcome.
  • Healthy body = Healthy mind = Healthy life.